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You can now purchase your own autographed copy of "Your Eastern Star" for $20.00, including postage within the USA, just click on the button above to pay via Paypal. "Your Eastern Star" is a wonderful tool for the average person regarding Oriental Astrology, which is quite different from Western Astrology. Oriental Astrology has a 12 year cycle as well as a 12 month cycle.  If a person was born in April of 1960, his Oriental Astrological Chart is quite different from someone born in April of 1961!

The book is replete with charts and cross references regarding all 12 Oriental Astrology signs and one can check up on not only specific personality traits but can actually discover which person to marry, what relationships in business would be most compatible and other personal factors, as well as discovering a great deal about oneself.

Another section of the book details Daniel Logan's experiences regarding his theory on reincarnation, and his own surprising confrontation with a past life when he researched "Your Eastern Star" while living in Japan for a year.

Out of print books can still be found on the Internet.

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