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The questions are directed to Daniel Logan from writer Kay Chirichigno.

KAY: How did you become a psychic?

LOGAN: I have been a psychic for most of my life. Since I was a child I could predict things that would happen in my family and to my friends. Not knowing the difference, I believed that everyone could do this and thought nothing of it. My mother is psychic, but a strict European Catholic background was a constant conflict for her, even though she did know when many things were going to happen.

KAY: Why did you become a psychic?

LOGAN: My autobiography, 'The Reluctant Prophet' (Doubleday Books) detailed my own problems with utilizing a 'sixth sense' in any professional manner, but I have come to realize that being psychic is a 'gift' and that if it is used in helping others, than it could not be a 'sin' or negative. When I realized at a young age that I could indeed help others by giving them
psychic advice, that was indeed a blessing, and certainly a 'gift' that should be shared.

KAY: What is the message you have that people need to hear?

LOGAN: People need to realize that there are many other means of solving problems, their own as well as the world in which they live in, other than in just material ways. I have lived among Native Americans and Japanese in Japan, both of which have ancient cultures that utilize paranormal means in which to seek out truths that in most of the Western world are either laughed at or not understood. We are faced with such a horrific outlook concerning the peoples of the world continuing the dangerous destruction of the earth's resources as well as one another, that we must all begin to look within ourselves for the answers.

KAY: Why do you feel we are in the third World War? And, how do you feel it is different from any other war?

LOGAN: This war is different from all the other wars as it is one I call a "hit and run" war. It actually started in the early 1990's, the first time Americans went to Iraq, and it has continued ever since with sporadic outbreaks which culminated with the destruction of the World Trade Center, which naturally upped the ante and will continue for at least the next decade with more of us and them being destroyed. Many psychics (myself included) predicted over 20 years ago that a real negative force would emerge in the Middle East, and that 'evil' would prevail from this emergence, spreading its tentacles throughout the world and causing near planet destruction.

KAY: You stated that there would be a 1,000 years of peace after the "war" is over. What will this new period be like?

LOGAN: Globally, this new era will be a positive one. There will be a much better understanding of cultures, and much more acceptance of different peoples and different lifestyles. Unfortunately, humans learn mostly through mistakes and the mistakes made by politicians throughout the world over the past several decades will mean that tremendous suffering for massive numbers of peoples.

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